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About Us

TrustedWiz is a Canadian Tech Start-Up that is building a web platform & app where users will book their personal care services with Trusted Local Service Providers to save money & time, make money & build one's personal network. 

Busy professionals do not have the time to search for reliable personal care service providers (trust), drive out of their way (time), adapt to the clinic's/club's/studio's/spa's schedule (time/convenience) and pay someone else's overhead, knowing that the service provider herself/himself gets only the fraction of the rate (money).

Our platform & app will address all that by offering the users a simple solution and a one stop shop for all their personal care needs. Service providers get to manage their own schedule, keep most of the fee charged in their pocket and benefit from the business/leisurely travelers & local customers: traffic that we will generate for them so that they could focus on providing the exceptional service and experience for their clients. We are not planning to replace the middle party - we are planning to eliminate one altogether. It will be up to the Service Provider whether to host the user or provide the service in the comfort of their own home. 

TrustedWiz is designed to be equally beneficial to both: users and service providers.